13 Halloween Party

8:56 PM

          Last Friday, October 25, was the yearly13 Halloween Party.

          Every year for the past 3 years my high school friends and I, "13", would have our very own halloween party. We would dress up in costumes depending on the chosen theme for that year and we would just hang and play games, eat, watch movies, dance to random music on our ipods, eat some more, play board games, make halloween movie trailers, have a mini photoshoot, and of course have the halloween awards.

          This year the theme was kiddie nightmare so we all tried to dress up as things that would scare us when we were kids. But some of us misunderstood the theme so it ended up as just a kiddie theme. We weren't complete but nevertheless, we had fun!! It was the perfect mini vacation from all the stress we were feeling from College!!





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