Chico Come Home

9:02 AM

           It has officially been two weeks since Chico ran away. 

          Last September 6 was the last day of my Finals week for the first term of the school year 2013-2014. Of course, what better way to relax and unwind from all the stress than to have some good quality time with your beloved pet. Unfortunately, my supposed to be R&R day at home with my dog was the day he went missing. (Yes, I refer to my dog as he and not as a mere it)

          That Friday morning, my sisters left at around 7 a.m for work and they claimed to have seen Chico lounging around the living room before leaving the house. My eldest sister left driving herself to work while my other sister went to work with our driver driving her there. When our driver, Ramon (but I call him Bertrum for fun), came back home, he was supposed to have his usual morning walk with Chico but he could not find him anywhere. This is not the first time he got lost. Actually our family is kind of used to Chico missing that sometimes we just wait for one of our neighbors in the subdivision to just call telling us that they found Chico. But this time was different since his collar with his dog tag (that is complete with our contact details) just recently broke and we never got a chance to replace it.

          That following weekend, my family printed out flyers of our missing Chico with our contact details on it. We then spent the whole day knocking at all the houses to personally talk and hand out flyers to all the housekeepers, drivers, kids, parents, and owners in our subdivision. Almost all of them told us that they knew Chico since first, he is super friendly and does not like to bark or bite other people or his fellow dogs, hence why we do not trust him as a guard dog. Second, he always gets lost that when they see a white furred dog walking around, they would instantly presume that it is Chico. My sisters even requested to view the CCTV footage of our subdivision to see where Chico went but it was just all blurry that they did not find anything to help us find Chico.

          We went home with the hope that someone with a kind heart would find Chico and return him to us. But after a couple of more days, the flame that we call hope is slowly dimming to the point that the image of our loving, almost-perfect dog of 4 years running home to us is now such a blurry scene in our minds. But still, we still can not help but somehow wish that he would come home to us.

          Words can not express how much we really miss him and no other dog in the world can replace him in our hearts. We still are not used to going home without seeing Chico by the door wagging his tail just waiting for us to come in. We just hope that whoever found him will love him as much as we love him.


 First batch of the flyers

Second batch of flyers

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